In recent years, Dubai has developed a strong manufacturing sector. Tremendous growth in the construction sector has led to an increased demand for building materials. The manufacturing industry is expanding rapidly to meet this growing market and Dubai has become a world-class producer for many manufacturing industries.

Twin Walls is the first PPC (polypropylene corrugated) sheet manufacturing company in the GCC. Its PPC sheets are completely recyclable and are widely used as waterproofing, protection boards on finished flooring, partition panels, false ceilings and insulated boards. PPC sheets come in thicknesses that vary from between 2 to 10 millimeters, with sizes and colors based on client requirements.

Due to the wide applicability of its product and the diverse construction market in the region, the company aims to build on its successes. Twin Walls was registered in Dubai in January 2004 and is situated in Dubai Investment Park. The manufacturing plant was commissioned in 2006.